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Artigos em Língua Estrangeira

v. 24 n. 134 (2022)

NextGenerationEU - a case of public administration complexity programs: a discussion on tools, stakeholders and law

20 junho 2022


The paper performs an analysis of how to manage complex plans. This is useful when complaint arises between stakeholders and when it is necessary to negotiate the project contract or redefine the legal framework in which public
administration consultancy works. Theoretically, complexity must be overlapped with some method or having an assessment before the plan starts. In the complex plan management, we need more stakeholders, communication, and social organizations than digitalization. In this sense, a wise legal consultancy based on a deep knowledge of the problems is useful before starting every project. The paper discussed the case of the NextGenerationEU (NGEU), which was developed as a performance-oriented plan. The paper analysis the plan from a plan complexity management view. The results show a lack in defining complexity tools to implement, monitor and impulse the achievement of goals linked to their constraints of the plan. Legal consultancy and control is strongly recommended.